The Unborn

A young woman fights the spirit that is slowly taking possession of her.

I wrote this script after having a frustrating experience developing a very expensive Flash script for Warner Brothers.  At the time, Michael Bay’s company Platinum Dunes had a deal with Rogue to make a horror film in the under twenty million dollar vein.  I’d always been interested in the dybbuk legend and thought it would be fun to explore it.  Because of my relationship with Gary Oldman in the Batman films, I was able to convince him to play a small role.  I also reached out to Idris Elba, who I been exposed to via The Wire.  Since then, Idris has obviously blown up in a major way.  Shooting was done in Chicago, in the dead of winter.  We had a great time on the shoot and Michael was an incredibly generous producer.  The movie ended up grossing more than its budget in its opening domestic weekend, so Rogue was happy.

David S. Goyer
David S. Goyer
Odette Annable, Gary Oldman, Cam Gigandet


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