The Dark Knight

When Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent launch an assault on the mob, they let the clown out of the box, the Joker, bent on turning Gotham on itself and bringing any heroes down to his level.

Not much more to be said about this film.  A few months after Batman Begins opened, I got a call from Chris Nolan asking if I wanted to have lunch.  We discussed the shadow the Joker had cast across pop culture and whether or not we were obligated to tell his “origin”.  Very quickly, we decided that he would have no origin and that the film would actually begin with him — that we would give the audience what they wanted, but not in the way they were expecting.  We also thought it was fun to have the Joker actually on-screen long before the audience realizes he is.

David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart


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