Constantine on Hulu

Constantine fans – Starting on Friday, the entire first season of Constantine will be streaming on NBC, Hulu, and VOD.  The episodes will only be available for a limited time. Watch while you can!

The writers and I will be tweeting our way through our favorite episodes via @JohnConWriters.

There is still a chance that Constantine will be renewed for Season 2.  We’re working on an idea that involves Constantine interacting with a few other luminaries from the Dark DC Universe.  So if that piques your interest, be sure to stream this weekend – the more viewers, the better.

Toronto Screenwriting Conference

Come out to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference this weekend.  I’ll be speaking on myths, adaptations, and writing influences.  Here’s the link to register.

Da Vinci’s Demons, Season 3

After an epic and delirious week or so that included a solar eclipse, we have completed all of our additional photography for Season 3.  The cast (old and new) were all in fine form.  I also want to thank our crew, who gave it their all and then some.  He are a few more behind-the-scenes pics.

Laura Haddock (Lucrezia), looking luminous despite being bitterly cold and perched atop a roof.
Stewart Scudamore, who plays a new mystery cast member.
James Faulker, papal primping.
Goyer, Faulkner, Conte, Ritson
Myself, James Faulkner, Courtney Conte (our co-EP), and Blake Ritson in the Papal dining room.