Back to the FOUNDATION

Back to basics; back to fundamentals; back to Foundation! Pumped to be a part of this one.  The uber-talented Josh Friedman and I will soon bring FOUNDATION to television screens near you, in the form of a sprawling TV epic. David Ellison’s Skydance Television, who very kindly made this possible, will be our studio home.

This Isaac Asimov saga is a masterpiece (it informed a little independent movie called STAR WARS). I remember devouring these books as a kid, so am humbled to play a part in bringing this story to life. To preserving the best of our galactic civilization.


For those of you of a certain age (like me), you might remember the original movie and book from the 1960s. Guillermo del Toro will be directing, with James Cameron producing under his Lightstorm shingle, and I’m co-writing the script with an excellent screenwriter named Justin Rhodes. It’s a real dream team, and we’ve got a lot of really cool stuff planned. I mean, with GDT and Cameron on board, who wouldn’t want to dive in?? Honored and excited to be a part of this project.

It’s going to be–wait for it–fantastic.

TAU shooting in Serbia!

This is a feature I’m producing under my Phantom Four banner. Federico D’Alessandro will direct; he’s an extremely talented guy who comes from Marvel Studios, where he served as their Head Storyboard Artist/Animatics Supervisor. His reel is amazing–look him up!

Maika Monroe and Ed Skrein, both of whom are excellent actors, will star.