McShane Design – designer of this site

Jason Rohrer – a brilliant retro videogame designer

The Union of Concerned Scientists – a worthy charity

The Natural Resources Defense Council – another worthy charity

superbrothers – makers of the haunting iPad game Sword & Sworcery EP, which blew me away  – a website dedicated to all things Jack Vance.  Vance is a “writer’s writer” and one of my all time favorites.  This group took it upon themselves to publish the definitive edition of Vance’s entire body of work.  It was a herculean effort and I am proud to say I own one of the rare, 44-volume sets.  If you haven’t discovered Vance, you are in for a treat.  Start with The Dying Earth and explore outward from there. – An incredible resource for screenwriters.  John is way more charitable with his time than I am.

Scriptnotes – John August and Craig Mazin’s incredibly funny and helpful podcast on all things Hollywood.

Elkology – eco-themed artist Christian Kasperkovitz’s website – Matt Fraction’s website – comic book genius – Jonathan Hickman’s website – comic book evil genius

Bear McCreary Official Site – Bear McCreary, our composer on DaVinci, blogs in-depth about his approach to the score