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I woke up this morning to find a bunch of sites claiming I am attached to direct a film based on the anime HELLSING. The only problem is, it’s complete bullshit. I’ve never read the anime, nor have I ever been contacted by any of the people involved in the film. Not sure what would motivate these people to post a complete fabrication, but there you go. Looks like someone posted a photo they took of me at the Black Ops II premiere in London and “extrapolated” that into me directing. Um, no.

One of the problems with Internet reporting these days (and I use the term dubiously) is that anyone can say anything, contact a site, and they will report it as rumor. 24 hours of the Internet ouroboros news cycle completes itself and suddenly that rumor becomes fact. Most of these sites never even bother to fact-check what they are about to report. In the case of io9, they actually did bother to check, so bonus points to them.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother commenting on a rumor — there are so many flooding the web each month, week, day, that it would be pointless. Most of them are just annoying. But in this case, where someone is apparently trying to promote their own interests by fraudulently claiming I am associated with a project, I take issue with that.

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