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The reviews are rolling in! Be sure to check out the Hollywood Reporter’s review of Da Vinci’s Demons here.

Machinima Interview

Talking “Da Vinci” with Machinima…



While I’ve studiously avoided Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I do recognize that there is a need for a more immediate forum to comment on a show like Da Vinci’s Demons.  So… I’ve bowed to pressure and made a Faustian compromise.  We’ve just launched a Da Vinci Writers Twitter feed – @DaVinciWriters.  Our writers will be Tweeting on all things Da Vinci.  Among the voices chiming in will be Brian Nelson, Corey Reed, Marco Ramirez, and Dan Hess.  I’ll be lurking and occasionally tweeting behind the anonymity of the writers wall, as will a few other guests and cast/crew from our show.