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Constantine is on the bubble and you can help.  If you’re liking Matt Ryan’s portrayal of the bastard mage, now is the time to speak up.

Our live ratings on Fridays at 10/9c on NBC have been middling.  Not surprisingly, our DVR and streaming numbers have been through the roof.  When you include L+7 numbers, we double our audience.  But unfortunately networks haven’t quite yet figured out how to properly account for today’s rapidly changing viewing habits.

So here’s the honest truth: we need some of those eyeballs who’ve been tuning in a few days later to watch live.  If even a third of you did, our numbers would be healthy.

Constantine remains in contention for a 2nd season at NBC, so fans should continue to show their support for the series.  Last Friday’s episode had a huge uptick and the NBC brass were encouraged by that.  They want the show to succeed.

With Episode 4, “A Feast of Friends”, our show really found its voice.  Daniel and I have been beating that drum for a while.  Upcoming episodes 7, 8, and 9 are even more epic and twisted.  More Newcastle backstory as well as the introduction of the brujeria and a certain monster known as the invunche. (“American Gothic” fans will know what I’m talking about.)  Episode 13 brings back Papa Midnite and Corrigan.  You get the gist.

In the meantime, fans can thank NBC for their support of Constantine, while also sharing their enthusiasm for the series, via social media using the #SaveConstantine hashtag.

On Twitter they can tweet to @NBCConstantine and they can also comment on the show’s Facebook page:

And it’s not too late to bring new Hellblazers to the fold.  You can encourage new viewers to catch up on the series On Demand or at, Hulu and other digital platforms.


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